Thursday, April 7, 2011

Arts and Crafts

I recently bought a Colt Dragoon replica and decided that I totally needed a holster for it. I wear it around the house ALL THE TIME! ...It's just awesome is what I'm saying.
  Materials: Leather, holepoker, oiled bear thread and some embossing tools.

I cut out the leather, sewed it up, and doused in warm water. Then I shaped it around the gun, and did some embossing passes, re-wetting the leather as I went along.
When it had dried I gave it a rinse with rubbing alcohol and then I gave it a coat of leather dye. I also gave it a onceover with rubbing alcohol to give it some patina-effect. Anyhoo, it turned out a bit too patin..nized(?) and the colour was a bit too bordeaux, but other than that I'm pretty satisfied.