Monday, October 29, 2007

My first post is.. erm.. old.

Ok.. so I'm interning here in Copenhagen right now, which means I don't have my wacom pad or scanner acces or anything, so I'll have to post my older stuff.. Feel free to drop a comment if you see stuff you like.. or don't I guess :D It's pretty much backward chronological.. newest stuff first.
Depsea drawings: Pencil, colourpencils and photoshop. Part of a themed drawing jam.

I just love this game too much to not draw my favorite character.. Axel Steel
This is the Ozmonkey.. I'm currently modelling it in supersculpey, but again I'm in Copenhagen, so that project is on standby right now. Plus it turned out a helluvalot different than I first imagined.
Classical drawing from the Drawing Academy in Viborg, Denmark. Very old..
Sketches from Viborg:
Shrieking dingbat of doom
Invasion of the alien bugs: