Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Custom brush lesson.

This could have used more work before I handed it in, but I had no more time :S


  1. A little factual critique: Lose the sheath. He has no use for it. If he's a clever soldier he knows that it would only reduce his mobility.

    (this mode of thinking came over me after watching a bit of The Phantom Menace yesterday. Why in the world does Binks' race go to war in one large formation. Drop one heavy bomb and they would all have been wiped out. It's like watching something from the American Civil War. And another thing. Trade Fedration "tanks" appear and the binks (can't remeber their name) erects a huge dome-shield protecting them all - in the middle of a steppe. If the droids had any brains, they would just surround the shield and wait for the Binks to starve and lower their shields. They are in effect their own prison-guards. It was just the most massively stupid way to wage war - consentrating an immobilizing ones forces. When I saw that the warrior in your drawing had his sheath on his back, I couldn't help thinking "why?". Another tid-bit - the guy on the mammoth must really be hoping that the mammoth keeps it's head absolutely still - or he's doomed.)

  2. Well, I'm guessing he would keep the sheath for future... sheathing. Then again, he's pretty sure not to turn back, so yeah... But sometimes stuff is cooler just for visuals. It might also be a bad choice/habit on his behalf:) I'm pretty sure the wizard is somehow mentally connected to his mount.
    Anyhoo.. yes, I also stared right into the blinding catastrophe that is The Phantom Menace.. Also the gungans live underwater, why do they have catapult-oh forget it. It's all bullocks.