Friday, October 1, 2010

Sorry for the horrible look atm. It IS going to end up a bit like this, but I need to turn some knobs and finish my embroidered hunting scenery. Give me a holler if you have good ideas regarding page design, because I may not know what I'm doing here.


  1. haha love the embroidered hunting scenery! *PLAF!* Although a tad big maybe?
    I like the wallpaper, but I think its a little hard to read the text on top of it.
    Other than that, digging what I'm seeing here :)

  2. Yeah, regarding the scene I'm taking in the huge frame and also making it a bit smaller.. I'm in the progress of embroidering a sunrise in the background and a dog on the left side. Maybe If I made the wallpaper a bit lighter and then used a black font?