Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Soldier Quickie Updated

So Yuri, the freezing mercenary is back by popular demand (Rune) in a bit more rendered version... Still needs a lot of work on the back and sides of the head (would like to do some stubble) and the coat is only blocked in there.


  1. Very Cool Madsibum!
    The white is a bit much, perhaps. Try and work it more into the background.
    Makes me wanna do quikies as well.

  2. Yeah I know... actually it was just temporary in order to define silhouette, and remove some of his at-the-point-being HUGE skull

  3. I'd love to see a more finished version.

  4. Yeah, actually it's one of those that I felt turned sour, and I got mad and moved on to toher stuff... Now that I look at it again I see potential in it. Maybe one day.

  5. Hey cool!
    Didn't notice you made an update.
    He reminds me of the archetype Bad Guy from all those nice B-movies I watched in the late 80'ies.